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7 Reasons to Eat Local

From enjoying produce at the peak of freshness to meeting the people who grow your food, there are at least the following 7 reasons to enjoy local farmers markets.

1️⃣ Locally grown produce is fresher and tastier! Fruits are allowed to fully ripen in the field. No gassing to stimulate ripening or sitting for weeks in storage.

2️⃣ Keeps our bodies in tune with the seasons. Seasonal produce is always the freshest and most nutritionally dense as it doesn’t require fabricated conditions to grow.

3️⃣ Protect the environment! Supporting local food systems meaning less energy, emissions and food miles = less pollution.

4️⃣ Promote humane treatment of animals.

At farmers markets you can find meats, cheeses and eggs from animals who haven’t been raised on hormones and antibiotics typical of animal agriculture.

5️⃣ Connect with your community. Wouldn’t you rather stroll amidst outdoor stalls of fresh produce on a sunny day? Making it social with your friends, children or animals makes shopping a pleasure rather than a chore.

6️⃣ Investing in our local farmers - getting to know the people who work hard to bring you the most nutrition, delicious produce allows you to enjoy your food more! You know who you’re supporting.

7️⃣ Discover variety! From red or purple carrots to green garlic to watermelon radishes and much much more.

Enjoy the richness and biodiversity of our planet in the midst of your community market.

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