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Meet Annabel

Qualified Nutritionist and Wellness Expert

"I believe in the power of prevention and supporting the body’s ability to promote health and healing. Through whole foods, a self-care focused lifestyle and supplements where required, let me help you not only heal but ultimately thrive in health."


Annabel holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine and is a professional member of Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA). She's passionate about individualised care and helping clients understand how to create a ‘healthy’ balance, without compromising on the things they love.


Working closely with your health goals, Annabel has a strong focus on supporting the body’s innate ability to find its equilibrium or ‘balance’.  She loves helping clients apply simple strategies to nourish, nurture and support their bodies. 

She works in key areas of gut health (intolerances, allergies, intestinal pain and bloating), skin health, hormone balancing and the gut-brain connection (anxiety, stress, digestive disorders and the microbiome).


Away from clinical practice, Annabel enjoys compiling recipes over a cup of herbal tea. Stay updated and inspired through her social media accounts or let her help you reach your health goals by booking a consultation today.

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