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Vitamin Sea

Are you the type of person that finds it hard to switch off from work or spend your days off responding and checking work emails?

Perhaps you worry about your work getting done so put off holidays and rest days to stay in the office instead.

If you feel anxious about taking days off, you’re not the only one. The latest survey of 1250 Australians found that two thirds experienced FOTAL (fear-of-taking-annual-leave)😣 Our bodies are designed for action and also for downtime. A lack of downtime can be problematic for your health due to over activation of your fight-or-flight response.

Prioritise your rest-and-digest parasympathetic nervous system by taking time out and you’ll be more productive at work! It’s a win-win situation

Take a break from the daily grind, whether its exploring a new country, 🌏 a local beach 🏖 or just knocking off on time to rest at home 🏡 . It will not only benefit your work life, but your personal life too. Enjoy the time you have both at work and with the people and places you love.

And lastly, try not to feel guilty about it. Work smarter not harder, so enjoy your time off and maybe some vitamin sea

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