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The dance of hormone balance

A woman’s cycle is a delicate dance between your pituitary gland and ovaries as they regulate the other’s activity and the production of the female hormones.

Symptoms such as irregular periods, bloating, breast swelling and tenderness, headaches, mood swings, hair loss, unexplained weight gain/loss, foggy thinking, fatigue and PMS symptoms are all indicators of hormone misbalance 🙈

These imbalances have become more common thanks to our lovely western lifestyle filled with stress, poor diet, medications and environmental toxins.

Although we’d all love to run away to a topical paradise free from stress and loaded with fresh, organic produce, thats obviously not a suitable solution 😝

Therefore, here’s a few (manageable) tips to help rebalance your hormones

1️⃣ Did you know oestrogen is not just produced by your ovaries but also by your stored fat tissue?! Controlling your weight into the healthy range can make a world of difference if you are suffering with any of the above symptoms.

2️⃣ Reduce stress - learn how to say no to excessive demands on your time. While your body is under stress, your hormone production hits the back burner. Support your natural hormone rhythm by reducing stress levels. Doesn’t this photo by@estorahealthmake you feel instantly relaxed?

3️⃣ Get enough fibre through a whole food based diet - hormones are excreted by the bowel so regular visits to the toilet reduce hormone reabsorption.

For more information or if you personally struggle with symptoms of hormonal imbalance - enquire with us today.

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