Sustainable Seafood

Sustainable seafood is seafood that reaches your plate with minimum impact on fish populations, pollution and marine environment.

Unfortunately very few fisheries are certified as sustainable but there are some easy choices you can make at home to eat what’s best for your health AND the planet.

The healthiest and most environmentally sustainable seafood options include those at the top right corner of the graph. Mackerel, sardines, herring and oysters are all great options.

They offer a rich source of protein, omega 3, calcium, iodine, selenium and zinc while maintaining a low heavy metal profile.

Hello anti-inflammatory nutrients! 😍

Heavy metals such as mercury accumulate up the food chain as bigger fish consume smaller fish. Vital to keep clear if large oceanic fish such as shark, tuna and swordfish ❌

For more details and to check sustainability of your seafood of choice head to

In the meantime get creative incorporating small fish into your meals!

Baked, BBQ’d, in curries, stir fry’s or in tacos 🌮 there are so many ways to support your seafood intake while achieving the best for your health and the environment.


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