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Support fertility in your 20s for your 30s 🐣

Fertility is so much more than making babies. Each cycle is a monthly report card of health!

While fertility may not be the main focus in your 20s, it’s what can be done now that sets up health for when (and if) you are ready for children.

Hormonal birth control produces a drug induced cycle and so symptoms are not a true report card of health.

If you require birth control but would like knowledge about your cycles, consider hormone free birth control options.

Hormone free birth control options include the fertility awareness method (FAM), male condoms, female condoms, diaphragm, withdrawal method and the copper IUD.

These hormone free options allow you to ovulate and therefore make progesterone (YAY!) the hormone most beneficial for cycle repair.

Progesterone counter balances oestrogen. It’s the Robin to Batman, it’s the Brad to Angelina or the Pumbaa to Timon.

While oestrogen thickens uterine lining, progesterone thins it, progesterone boosts thyroid hormones while oestrogen suppresses. Progesterone also reduces inflammation, promotes sleep, builds muscle, protects health health and calms the nervous system.

Along with assessing birth control options, prioritise your fertility for the future by the following general recommendations.

1️⃣ Eat well! - a nutrient deficient, unhealthy body does not want to produce a nutrient deficient, unhealthy baby. This is not only directed at females too 😉 Eat colourful plant foods daily.

2️⃣ Move your body - most importantly do exercise you love!

3️⃣ Manage your stress - you body cannot prioritise the health of your hormones when your body is under stress.

4️⃣ Get sleep - at least 7 hours of sleep per night improves insulin sensitivity and regulates the release of your hormones.

5️⃣ Limit alcohol - alcohol impairs healthy clearance of hormones, increases insulin resistance and damages gut bacteria. If you enjoy having an occasional drink, choose a non-sugary kind like dry wine or beer and enjoy a maximum of 5 standard drinks per week.

For more info or to support your natural cycles book an appointment with a heath care professional via the link in our bio

GG x

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