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Sun loving skin

We all love that summer bronze and miss it during winter but is it’s impact on your skin worth it?

Our bodies were created to make good use of sunlight. Vitamin D production, calcium absorption and wound healing to name a few.

Getting too little sunlight is a common issue with majority of people working indoors with limited accessibility to sunlight.

On the flip side, high UV exposure for prolonged periods of time put you at risk of abnormal DNA replication, skin cancers and premature skin ageing (oh no!) To be simple, the sun requires respect.

Is it a good idea to sit out baking by the pool in your bikini for hours to make the most of your holiday to Queensland? Definitely not.

Is it a good idea to only leave the house when fully lathered in sun screen, long sleeve shirts, hats and sunglasses all year around? Definitely not.

Respect the sun and protect your skin when required.

General recommendations for sun exposure in Australia? 3-4 times a week from April till September, expose your face, arms and hands for 21-60 minutes with care before 11am or after 3pm.

From October till March - less then 15 minutes is all you need.

Advice is general only in nature. If you have concerns about your skin type, UV exposure or your Vitamin D/ calcium levels, drop in to see your local nutritionist.

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