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Skin is IN!

One of the most popular requests at The Green Ground clinic is skin health.

I get it, we all want beautiful, glowing skin. But sometimes those hormones, antibiotics or last nights block of chocolate gets in the way.

So instead of doing a post or two, we’re going to do a whole month to get you back loving the skin you’re in.

After all, your skin is your largest organ and crucial for protection, thermoregulation, processing and excretion of many cells.

In fact every minute, you loose 30,000 - 40,000 dead skin cells (ew right? 😬). The skin has been described as a ‘third kidney’. Weird I know, but when other detoxification pathways such as your gut, liver and kidneys are overloaded, your skin can step in to remove waste

So before you think about buying that $200 miracle cream or why not invest time into improving your internal health to reap the results externally.

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