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Self-care is more then pedicures and day spas ✨

Self-care is also about creating a good relationship with your food!

This time has brought a lot of changes to eating habits, emotional eating and relationships with indulgent food - AND FAIR ENOUGH!

It's common during these times that we turn to food because it is a comfort, its something that we all know, we do it everyday and it brings back joy for us, so we lean back on it and its satisfaction.

(also chocolate is YUM!)

That place is fine to visit - but not to stay!

Maintaining a good relationship with food has the following benefits

1. Higher self-esteems

2. Improved body trust

3. Increased satisfaction with life

4. Improved body image

5. Optimism and wellbeing

6. Reduced guilt / shame around eating

7. Proactive coping skills

8. Lowered rates of emotional eating

9. Lowered rates of disordered eating

10. Lower body mass indexes

11. Higher HDL (good) cholesterol levels

12. Lower triglyceride levels.

If you’re ready to start eating intuitively , click on the link in my bio to schedule a free health check call today.

GG x

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