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What is self care? Is self care all about face masks and glasses of wine in the bath? Or is it about sleeping in late and treating yourself to smashed avo for Sunday brunch?

Self-care in Western culture is associated with this ‘treat yo’ self’ culture and ‘you deserve this’ mentality.

But I believe that our culture has skewed self care (Not that you don’t deserve that face mask and smashed avo - hear me out ;) )

Learning to look after yourself beyond the face masks and smashed avo’s is what self care is all about. It’s not a selfish act, but a lifestyle around caring for the body, mind and spirit.

Yes self care can be a bigger focus in times of stress, sickness or recovery but it should primarily be etched into daily routine.

Below are some simple daily lifestyle changes that can improve your self care

1️⃣ Remind yourself of what you’ve accomplished. Be proud of yourself without getting caught up on circumstances out of your control. Make a little list of the things you’re thankful for and put them somewhere to read daily.

2️⃣ Do something you enjoy every day. This shouldn’t be complicated. I could be a walk outdoors, gardening, listening to music, reading or sitting down with a cup of coffee. Let this become apart of your daily habits.

3️⃣ Connect regularly with quality friends and family.

4️⃣ Prioritise sleep. Rest is critical to support well-being and a positive attitude.

5️⃣ Support your physical body. Create a lifestyle that supports health of your body. After all, you’ve got to stay in it for a while. If you are unhappy with how your body is travelling make an appointment with us and we’ll get you back on track.

Let your lifestyle of self care create a routine that you don’t need to ‘escape’ from.

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