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Post Birth Recovery

No matter how labour goes, the first six weeks post partum are super essential to recover and regroup after a MASSIVE 9 months of growing and delivering a tiny human! 👶🏼 💕

Pregnancy and birth can take its toll on the body contributing to the health of your thyroid hormones and antibodies, nutrient stores, iron levels, vitamin B12, vitamin D and zinc. The following can help you speed up recovery to heal and feel better sooner! 1️⃣ Stockpile nutrient dense foods prior to labour and freeze for when needed - smoothie kits, soup, vegetable lasagne are all great options! 2️⃣ After labour - care for all the bits (🤭) - ice, creams, warm baths - you name it, do it. Speak to your midwife specifically about these recommendations for you based on your experience in labour. 3️⃣ Stay regular 💩 - Enjoy plenty of fibre rich foods post partum (wholegrains, raw fruits and vegetables), go for walks, hydrate and enjoy herbal teas to get and stay regular (avoid straining at any cost 🙈) 4️⃣ Get outdoors where possible to soak up some vitamin D. 15 minutes with you face, neck and arms per day is plenty 5️⃣ We recommend continuing a pregnancy / lactation multi vitamin to more quickly replenish nutrients that have been depleted through losses during labour. 6️⃣ Consult a womens health physio / osteo to assess, repair and rebuild. For more specific advice regarding your health post labour, book in at the clinic today 😊 GG x

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