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Annabel here from The Green Ground. I’d love to invite you to a fresh shame-free revolution of health and nutrition.

As a Holistic and Clinical Nutritionist I’ve seen all the good, bad and ugly relationships with food not only in patients but (let’s be real) in myself too. Here at The Green Ground, we are all about that healthy relationship with food.

So let’s clear a little of the noise around nutrition, health and ‘perfect diet’. Like firstly, how the perfect diet does not exist!

Every human body has different demands at each stage of life, let alone each season of the year. This is not a one-size-fits-all appropriate subject.

Your individual nutrition and health is a subject that you should feel empowered to have control over. Take a minute to ignore the insta famous celeb who’s promising you the world with her juice cleanse and get some expert advise if you’re not sure what to do next.

See someone who’s dedicated years of their life to the complexity of how the body unlocks when supported and nourished with personalised nutrition.

It’s such a #blessing seeing success in a persons’ mental health, hormone health, skin health, gut health, allergies, performance goals (and more) when they discover food as medicine.

So keep posted if you’d love to learn more, laugh more and understand our crazy, amazing bodies and how they can be helped and healed with a holistic approach.

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