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Oats... gluten free or not?

Crazy cold and wet outside today but this creamy bowl of hot porridge has got all the warmth we need 🔥

Oats are a delicious, warming and a totally under rated food.

They’re loaded with dietary fibre to lower cholesterol, nourish healthy GIT bacteria and reduce risk of colorectal cancer and coronary artery disease.

For the average person, 1 cup of oats (80g) provides 35% daily requirements for magnesium, 40% phosphorus, 20% iron and zinc.

Many people ask, are oats gluten free or not?

Oats contain the protein avenin instead of gluten however in Australia most crops are planted and processed amongst other gluten containing grains. Therefore, cross contamination of gluten in Australia oats is so common that though they do not contain gluten themselves, they are unsuitable for those with coeliac disease. Sad! But don't worry, substitute oats with a delicious quinoa or amaranth based porridge. Yum!

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