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Is wheat good for you?

Over the last few years the social trend to vilify carbs - particularly wheat - has dominated headlines.

But is it all just a marketing show?

Headlines were stimulated by research suggesting farming 🌾 and manufacturing changes have reduced the quality of wheat’s nutrient profile.

Regardless, wheat based products like breads, cakes, cookies, pasta, pizza and cereals remain a staple in many peoples diets today.

But first, PLEASE, lets note the major differences between whole wheat and white wheat. Whole wheat / wholegrain products contain BRAN (outside layer rich in vitamin B’s), the GERM (the inside layer rich in healthy fats and vitamins) and the ENDOSPERM (the part between the bran and the germ and is mostly starch). To produce white wheat you remove both the bran and germ, removing with it, the richness of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibre. Foods with white wheat also tend to contain more starch meaning your body converts it to sugar CRAZY fast 🙈

Whole wheat products such as wholegrain cereals, pasta and breads, oats and also rye are rich in fibre, vitamins antioxidants and minerals.


Consuming 4-6 serves of grain foods p/day as recommended by the Australian Department of Health is excessive.

Many people find that wheat doesn’t sit well with them - and that’s totally fine! There is no nutritional benefit that can ONLY be met with wholegrain foods.

Bloating, abdominal discomfort, weight gain, poor immune function, insatiable appetite and blood sugar crashes are some of the commonly reported symptoms.

Consuming a diet rich in nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables and fruits will produce all the health benefits (and more) compared to wheat.

Avoiding gluten makes sense for people with celiac disease, wheat allergy or those who feel unwell when they consume gluten. If this is a concern of yours - no problem! Consult with your nutritionist.

Thanks to all the noise in the media over wheat there there are so many easily accessible, quality, wheat free products available. For more information on these, enquire with us

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