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Haloumi and lentil sprouts with coriander toppings

Sprouts are rich in enzymes our body naturaly creates. Unfortunately we have a limited capacity to create them and it decreases over time (30 times less by 80 years of age)

Raw fruits and vegetables contain amylolytic, lypolytic and proteolytic enzymes however sprouted seeds contain approximately 100 times the amount 🙊

Enzymes in sprouts therefore support their own digestion (win !) but also the digestion and utilisation of the entire meal they’re included in.

Although seeds hold rich sources of enzymes they are also inactive due to enzyme inhibitors. Through moisture and germination these inhibitors are neutralised along with mineral binding phytic acid.

So experiment with new ways of adding sprouts into your stir fry’s, salads or soups (chickpea and mung sprouts are some of our favs)

Or germinate your own seeds by soaking them overnight.

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