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Goodness Gracious Greens are good for you

Stumbled upon this Thai market during our travels and boy, have they got their greens sorted 😱

I often got ridiculed during my studies when someone would question which foods could help their condition. Before I could open my mouth, my family would jump in with “green leafy vegetables right?!”, looking at me with a smirk. They were making fun I know, but could there be a certain level of truth also?

Green leafy vegetables are become more popular day by day with research catching up regarding their nutrient dense, low calorie, phytochemical rich qualities. Best of all - their totally cheap!

They are high in fibre, low in lipids, rich in folate, ascorbic acid, alpha-tocopherol, lutein, vitamin K and magnesium to name a few. They’ve got a crazy low glycemic index along with phytochemicals like beta-carotene and flavonoids contributing to their cardioprotective, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial benefits 👌🏼 A recent study looked into the association between green leafy vegetables and mental decline and you bet your cotton socks they found some juicy stuff.

The results from 960 participants found that consuming at least 1 serve of green leafy vegetables could slow your mental decline by up to 11 years.

1 serve equates to only half a cup of cooked, or 1 cup of raw leafy greens per day.

Luckily leafy greens are one of the most versatile vegetables on the planet! I’m talking stirfrys, soups, salads, dips, wraps, pizzas, pies, juices, smoothies.

So get creative and get some greens in your belly 🌱

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