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Emotional Eating

Do you consider yourself an emotional eater?

It feels like a terrible thought that eating could fulfill an emotional need.

Even considering that you might be an emotional eater can bring on self judgement and shame.

Well it’s time to get over that fear because we’re ALL emotional eaters! 👭👬 It’s what put soul in the food we create and gathers us together around meals. No one would prefer to eat alone verses amongst their dearest friends and family. It’s the emotion behind our meals that contributes the majority of enjoyment 😍

Emotions actually have the biggest impact on our food choices. The way we view foods dictates how we control it, more than any advice, science or nutrition.

When we feel emotionally upset, many of us grab food like chocolate, ice-cream or hot chips. There’s a reason it’s called comfort food and HELL YEAH it’s comforting! 👌🏼 So get rid of the shame around enjoying these foods. Enjoy comfort foods as needed, provided you remain in control.

Emotional eating is only dangerous when you loose the ability to control your food. For example, you can’t stop eating, even though you want to or when you’re full.

You shouldn’t ‘need’ comfort food to get you through the day, but it’s okay to enjoy food for it’s emotional aspects.

Re-evaluate your ‘needs’ and nourish your body from the inside out

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