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Time to slow down yet?

Today’s life rhythms and demands are challenging and often require significant physical and psychological efforts. When was the last time that you deposited back into your ‘adrenal bank’? Until the 1950’s stress was termed by doctors only a ‘feeling’ and now chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death. Say what?!

As you’re planning what needs to be done this week, be intentional about designating time to, well... not do things.

Put on your schedule reading a book, stretching, deep breathing or getting into nature.

If you’re planning to exercise to relax, make it low impact.

Most importantly, take a minute to appreciate your hard work and your accomplishments for the day. Big or small, recognise you did your best and can deal with the rest tomorrow 💪🏼

Your health will thank you. I’d bet on it.

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