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Celery juicing - fact or fad?

Thought the celery juice craze was over but... apparently not 🙈


I’ve had a lot of questions in the clinic lately regarding this health trend and its effectiveness to produce good health. -

My overall consensus on celery juice - if it makes you feel good and you enjoy it, great, go for it! -

Just like any vegetable juice, it has some great properties such as nutrient density of vitamin C, potassium, folate, vitamin B6, vitamin K and many other antioxidants and enzymes.

Is it overall ‘more healthy’ then a carrot and ginger juice or a spinach and avocado smoothie?… no, it’s not. -

Celery juice will never be the answer to all of your health problems just like any well-marketed ‘superfood’. But will good quality nutrient rich vegetables make you feel great? Yes they will. -

If you are opting to juice celery, this a vegetable that should be bought organic. Celery is heavily sprayed and concentrating celery into juice also concentrates pesticide consumption, so minimise your risk with this one and buy organic.


My last recommendation is to experiment with reusing the celery pulp. Celery is a rich source of fibre and as approximately 50% of Australians don’t consume enough fibre, re-using this fibre rich source will increase the health benefits from your grocery shop and minimise excessive food waste. -

In summary, if you feel great on celery juice, great, enjoy! But don’t buy into the myth that if you don’t drink celery juice you will cannot achieve good health.. -

GG x 📷@goop

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