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Acute eczema relief

That dry, rough, itchy skin around your elbows, hands, knees, chest or face got you down 😔? 80-90% of eczema sufferers are under the age of 5 years. Poor little itchy bubba’s 👶🏼 Genetics can play a big role in the transfer of this condition between generations. Luckily improving digestive capacity, inflammation, stress and nutrient metabolism can provide relief.

For acute support - OAT BATHS. Super amazing 👌🏼 They soothe itchy skin and support skin hydration.

To create an oat bath:

1️⃣. Grind 1 cup for adults (or 1/3 cup of oats for baby) in food processor at highest setting until you have a fine, consistent powder.

2️⃣. Test 1 tsp of oats in a glass of warm water. If oats quickly absorb water and turn milky-looking you’ve blended long enough.

3️⃣. Run warm (not hot) bath containing your blended oats.

4️⃣. Jump in for at least 15 - 20 minutes to soak.

5️⃣. When finished moisturise within three minutes of getting out 💧

For more information on improving your skin health or reducing eczema, book in to see your local nutritionist

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