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Nutritional Medicine with

Annabel Buhagiar

Meet Annabel

Qualified Nutritionist and Wellness Expert

Working in the wellness industry, I’ve seen all the good, bad and ugly relationships with food.

At The Green Green we aim to clear some of the noise around nutrition and understand that every human body is different.

Your individual nutrition and health is a subject that you should feel empowered to have control over. We have dedicated years to understanding the complexity of how the body unlocks when supported and nourished with personalised nutrition. It's such a privilege seeing success in peoples mental health, hormone health, skin health, gut health, allergies, performance goals (and more) when they discover food as medicine.

So join me if you’d love to learn more to understand our crazy, amazing bodies and how they can be helped and healed with a holistic approach.

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What I Specialize In

Reset Your Gut Health

Establish Sustainable 


Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Reach your 

Health Goals

Personalized Nutrition Plan


“If nothing changes, nothing changes. If you keep doing what you're doing, you're going to keep getting what you're getting. You want change, make some.”

― Courtney C. Stevens

8 weeks ago I had given up on ever having a normal diet. 

I had been diagnosed with a lactose and fructose intolerance which often left me in pain. But after 4 sessions and a little hard work my digestive system is feeling amazing. 

Best of all... I can eat lactose and fructose again!

I went to see Annabel post some abnormal blood test results. Annabel designed a unique and personal treatment plan for me. She was extremely helpful and encouraging. 

After following Annabel's treatment plan as strictly as I could I went for a re-test and there has been a 75% improvement in my results! 

Seeing Annabel has been a positive experience and not at all stressful. I definately recommend her. 

The Green Ground helped me with health, gut and thyroid issues and I could not recommend Annabel enough! 

Her recipes are second to none and her nutrition advice is spot on! 

Highly recommend if you are having diet and nutrition issues or questions

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